Как отремонтировать проколотую бескамерную шину


Как отремонтировать проколотую бескамерную шину | Пошаговое руководство по затыканию, латанию и зашиванию шин

Технология бескамерных шин произвела революцию в езде по дорогам и бездорожью, но она не является абсолютно надежной.

Как отремонтировать проколотую бескамерную велосипедную шину

The герметик используется в установка бескамерных шин предназначена для быстрого затыкания небольших отверстий, часто даже не замечая этого.


Однако иногда размер или расположение пробоины требуют не только герметика для ее устранения.

Вот как отремонтировать прокол бескамерной шины с помощью заглушек, заплаток или шин.

Как отремонтировать проколотую бескамерную велосипедную шину
Проколы в бескамерных шинах часто легко обнаружить: ищите следы герметика или прислушивайтесь к шипению, вызванному потерей давления воздуха.
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Что нужно для ремонта бескамерного прокола?

Dynaplug Pill Tubeless Repair Kit для горного велосипеда
В наши дни набор для ремонта бескамерных ниппелей является неотъемлемой частью комплекта инструментов любого велосипедиста.
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Для ремонта прокола бескамерной шины вам потребуются

  • Рычаги для шин
  • Инструмент для ремонта ниппелей бескамерных шин
  • Заглушки для ремонта бескамерных шин
  • Насос

В случае более серьезного или упорного прокола может понадобиться шинный пластырь и/или иголка с ниткой.

Баллоны с герметиком для бескамерных шин
Если герметик высох, возможно, потребуется его обновление.
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Вам также может потребоваться:

  • Свежий бескамерный герметик, если старый герметик высох
  • Запасная лента для обода, если оригинальная лента повреждена
  • Внутренняя трубка при невозможности ремонта шины

Как заделать дыру в бескамерной шине с помощью заглушки для бескамерных шин

Tubeless puncture plugs are a quick and effective solution. With these, there is no need to take off the tyre – just plug, re-inflate and go.

While there are a number of tubeless repair kits out there, most work in a similar way, using a rubber plug to fill the hole.

Once you’ve found the puncture, remove any offending items (a pick or a small pair of pliers are a useful addition to your tool bag for this very purpose).

Next, use your tubeless plug tool to make sure there’s a sufficiently large hole for the plug to enter – carefully insert the spike into the tyre to avoid damaging the rim tape, and twist to give a clean, round hole.

Thread a tubeless plug through the head of the tubeless plug tool. Most tools will come with a choice of different plug sizes to suit the size of the hole.

With the plug in the centre of the tool, insert it into the tyre, making sure you don’t push through fully.

Then twist carefully to slowly remove the tool, leaving the two ends of the plug on the outside of the tyre.

Inflate the tyre to your desired pressure, taking additional caution with high-pressure road tyres, and rotate the wheel so that the plug is at the ground for a few minutes before you get going again. This will allow some sealant to flow into the repair and fully seal things.

You may need to trim the tails of the plug that are left behind, but take care not to cut it too close to the tyre.

How to patch a punctured tubeless tyre

For more stubborn tubeless tyre punctures that can’t be fixed with a plug, it may be necessary to patch the tyre internally. The process for this is very similar to patching an inner tube.

First, you’ll need to roughen the surface that you want your patch to adhere to, using a little sandpaper, making sure there’s no debris left from the puncture. Cleanliness is key when it comes to gluing patches.

Add some vulcanising rubber solution to the area where you want to add the patch, waiting for it to become tacky as per the kit instructions.

Add the tubeless tyre patch and press down firmly. Try to avoid touching the surface that is to be glued because this can contaminate the adhesive.

Depending on the patch type, these may need minutes or hours to dry, before setting the tyre up tubeless as normal.

If successful, a patched tubeless tyre can last for many rides, often to the end of the tyre’s life.

How to repair serious tyre tears

A torn tyre can be a rider’s worst nightmare. These repair options should be viewed as a way to help you limp home before fitting a new tyre, rather than a long term solution.

How to patch a tyre with a tyre boot

A tyre boot can be placed on the interior of the tyre without any adhesive, held in place by the addition of an inner tube.

This flat boot keeps a flush internal surface to prevent the inner tube from bulging out of the slashed tyre. You can buy pre-made boots or make one out of a number of materials: toothpaste tubes, a section of inner tube or cash notes all work surprisingly well.

How to sew a torn bike tyre

How to repair a punctured tubeless bike tyre
You’ll need a strong thread and needle to sew a tyre, such as this thick nylon or tooth floss.
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If you don’t have a boot but you do happen to have tooth floss and a needle, you can actually sew up a torn tubeless tyre.

Using stitches perpendicular to the direction of the slash can help hold the casing of the tyre together before you insert an inner tube.

If you do use this method, it’s a good idea to add something between the sewn rubber and inner tube, such as a strip of strong tape.

If you are heading to the hills for an extended bikepacking or touring trip, packing a needle and thread is a good idea for this and any other fabric repairs.

When to give up and put in a tube

No matter how hard you try, there’s always the chance a tubeless tyre might not be fixable on the road or trailside. Inserting an inner tube can be a mucky business with sealant already in the tyre, so it’s generally a last resort.

Before fitting an inner tube, thoroughly check the tyre for any punctures or offending items such as thorns. Just because you’ve found one, doesn’t mean there won’t be more embedded in the rubber waiting to puncture your inner tube too!

You can still get snakebite punctures with tubeless too, so make sure you’re running adequate pressures in your tyres, especially over harsh or rocky terrain to avoid a nasty double puncture from an impact on the rim. These are notoriously tricky to fix, with holes often too close to the tyre bead.

Besides punctured tyres, there are other things that need careful maintenance to keep your tubeless set up running smoothly, including the rim tape, tubeless valves and sealant.


Разбирать их на ходу может быть довольно сложно, так что в этом случае вам, возможно, придется заглянуть в тюбик и оставить более тщательный осмотр до возвращения домой.

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