How to shorten the hose of your RockShox Reverb dropper post


How to shorten the hose of your RockShox Reverb dropper post

7 quick fix tips to shortening the hose on your Reverb dropper

If the hose on your RockShox Reverb dropper post is too long and you’d like to shorten it we have some quick tips that show you how.


You’ll need:

  • Workstand
  • T25 Torx key
  • Electrical tape
  • Dedicated hose cutter or outer gear cable cutter
  • Torque wrench

1. Clamp and extend

Does your hose need shortening?
Jonny Ashelford

If your Reverb hose is too long for your bike it’s possible to shorten it without needing to bleed the system afterwards.

First, clamp your bike in a workstand. Then press the button on the remote to fully extend the post.

2. Remove the remote

Use a T25 Torx key to remove the remote
Jonny Ashelford

Next, turn the barrel adjuster on the remote fully anticlockwise until it stops.

Then remove the remote from the bar by turning the clamp bolt anticlockwise with a T25 Torx key until it comes out.

Store the clamp bolt somewhere clean and safe.

3. Unscrew the hose

Twist the remote anticlockwise and unscrew the hose
Jonny Ashelford

Gripping the hose with one hand, twist the remote anticlockwise until the hose unscrews from the remote.

Place the remote somewhere safe with the barb pointing up, being careful not to press the button or knock the remote because this will spill fluid.

4. Check hose length

Ensure that the new length won’t impede movement
Jonny Ashelford

Work out how long you want the hose to be and hold the section that you’re thinking of cutting next to the remote.

Rotate the handlebar through 180 degrees in both directions to check that the hose won’t interfere with its movement once shortened.

5. Cut the hose

Cut the hose squarely and cleanly
Jonny Ashelford

Mark the hose with electrical tape at the place where it needs to be cut. RockShox recommends using a dedicated hose cutter. If you don’t have one, an outer gear cable cutter will do.

Cut the hose, making sure to do so squarely and cleanly.

6. Reinstall the remote

Tighten the clamp bolt to 5–6Nm
Jonny Ashelford

Straight after cutting the hose, push and twist the remote’s barb clockwise into the hose until it’s flush with the base of the hose barb.

Reinstall the remote on the bar, using a torque wrench to ensure that the clamp bolt is tightened to 5–6Nm.

7. Check the post works

If the post doesn’t work or returns too slowly you may need to bleed the system
Jonny Ashelford

Turn the barrel adjuster fully clockwise. Check the post works normally by pressing the button and cycling the post up and down.

If it won’t drop or returns too slowly you’ll need to bleed the system. Check SRAM’s website for instructions on how to do this, or check out our video guide.

Jargon buster: hose barb

Hose barb
Jonny Ashelford

This is the hollow needle that sits inside the first 10mm of hose and connects it to the remote.


Early Reverbs (silver seal head) use a non-threaded barb, so the hose has to be pulled from the barb.

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